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Mark Scandrette: Introducing ”Ninebeats” the Ninefold Path of Jesus.

May 23rd, 2022

Welcome to our podcast for Sunday 22 May 2022.   This week we start our new series based on the beatitudes entitled The Ninefold Path of Jesus … or “Ninebeats”. Join us as we hear from the author, theologian Mark Scandrette who will introduce us to the series.

This podcast is an excerpt from our online church service that includes music and a tribute to our volunteers. If you wish to view the full service, we invite you to follow the link below.

This series has a focus on not just hearing the words of Jesus but putting them into practice, being part of a study group is really vital part of the process.  If you would you like to sign up to a group, or connect with our online (zoom) group on Wednesday evenings you can do so by following the link below.

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